Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angel Timothy on GOOD FORTUNE 5-14-09

Good Fortune covers all aspects of life. It means good health, happiness, and financial prosperity. Angel Timothy's message for today is: Consider all the wonderful things happening around you. Appreciating small blessings, brings greater blessings and, of course, Miracles.

The Angel Lady says, Miracles do happen! Often they start with a wish, desire or goal. Make that wish, write it down, let it manifest. Angel Timothy will be by your side.


  1. Hi. I spoke w/ you in April about my husband, Edward McDonald, who is in the Marine Corps. Promotion boards are now in session; it's been 6 years since his last promotion. Well, I relayed the conversation we had to my husband and he's actually taken your advice and has been "talking" w/ Angel Timothy. We will find out if he will finally be promoted to E7 sometime in June. I think of the conversation I had with you on the radio all the time:) Thank
    you so much.
    Teri McDonald

  2. Hi Miss sue, happy new year. I heard you on the radio and just found your website! It's very inspirational thank you for sharing your gift with others! :o) janae